Work with me...

If you want to change your relationship with money.  If you want money to enable freedom in your lifestyle, rather than holding you down or back.  If you want to use money to empower lifestyle change!

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Freedom from stress

What would it feel like to not worry about money any more?  To not worry about debt haunting you?  To not worry about big future purchases like college or even simple ones like fixing a car that is acting up?               

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a financial plan

I can help you build a plan to address debt, get your spending under control, save for the future and for now.  I can help you identify your dreams and plan to live with more freedom and joy and less stress!

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ability to follow your dreams

Living The Riser Life means following your dreams and overcoming financial stress and strain.  But getting there means doing a bit of dreaming and a bit of planning.  Let me coach you toward your dreams!

Here's what you can expect

At least 8 meetings over a six-month period:

  • A structured program to help you walk through all of the important steps to achieve financial health, but flexibility to meet your specific needs
  • A coach to help you understand new concepts, motivation to achieve want you want, and accountability
  • Unlimited email support for questions in-between our meetings
  • Reminders (there's that accountability) for actions you've committed to, to help you keep on track
  • Secure online access to your customized spending plan (that will help you achieve your goals)
  • Convenient meetings via phone or video chat

Here's what you get for your hard-earned $'s

You have my commitment:

  • I will provide a safe and confidential coaching relationship that will help you achieve your goals
  • I will bring all of my life and business experience to bear to help you build a plan for your future, identify roadblocks and find ways to overcome them - that's The Riser Life!
  • I will be FOR you and want to see you succeed and achieve your dreams, increase peace and improve your lifestyle

How We'll work together

  • I will provide you with quick and purposeful support, accountability and guidance right from the get-go.

    • We will meet virtually (video chat or phone) six times over the first three months (once every other week).

  • After those first six every-other-week meetings, we will move to monthly check-ins for the next three months (or longer, as you see fit).

    • In these monthly check-ins we will a) work-through any difficulties or challenges you're having implementing your plan, b) enjoy the fruit of meeting your initial goals and then set new ones to tackle and c) continue to work toward achieving The Riser Life - breaking free of debt and financial strain - and accomplishing your dreams.

      All meetings happen over video chat or phone, whichever is best for you.

What it costs

  • Simple cost structure: $749 initial fee (first month) and $199 per month thereafter
  • I recommend clients work with me for at least six months, although most choose to work with me for at least a year
  • You are free to cancel at any time
  • I feel confident I will help you quickly recover the cost of my coaching through reduced debt/interest expense, helping you achieve better budgeting and financial decisions, helping you improve your net worth, and helping you achieve your dreams.  All of these improvements will far outweigh the small cost of our coaching relationship.